GSG Bobbins for Honda CBR 650 R (2019 -)

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(Price per set (2 pcs.))

GSG rear stand mount / swingarm adapter (made of aluminum) for Honda CBR 650 R (2019 -)
Finish: Standard

Available in the following high-quality anodized colors:
Blank (Alu-natural), Blue, Red, Gold, Black, Orange
Price per set, incl. mounting material

IMPORTANT / Note: The following article is required for assembly!
Base carrier for rear stand mounts | Honda CBR 650 R (2019 -)

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With our GSG aluminum bobbins / motorcycle stand mounts, your bike can be safely and easily jacked up for all assembly work, or perfectly placed in position and set up.

Our bobbins are CNC-turned from a high-quality aluminum alloy and are thanks to the special material selection highly resilient and can be mounted accurately and precisely on your bike.
The Bobbins additionally protect the axle area and the swingarms (swingarm protector) of your bike - and look really good to boot.
Anodized in 5 different and durable Eloxal colors, or in Alu-nature - perfectly matching every bike, every style!

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