GSG engine guard left for BMW S / M 1000 R (2021 -)


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The GSG engine guard is the perfect fall protection for the entire engine area of your motorcycle. Engine block, transmission, frame and surrounding attachments are perfectly protected.

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These GSG crash pad sets directly and reliably protect the engine / engine cover / alternator / clutch cover areas of your bike - in other words: the heart of your motorcycle.
In the event of a drop or fall, the plastic pads prevent the critical areas from dragging through, breaking or otherwise being affected - and have done so for over 3o years.

You will receive:
GSG engine guard left crash pad set for: BMW S / M 1000 R (2021 -)
Color of the pads: black
Modifications to the bike: none
Fastening: Mounting via aluminum motor plug screw


  • The GSG pads are made of specially selected high performance plastic manufactured and precisely CNC turned. Pads/pad runners of the Streetline version and engine cover attachments/protectors are CNC milled from a high performance solid material.
  • The large bearing surface of ~60mm absorbs forces occurring in case of fall / overturn optimally. The contact surfaces with Streetline and engine cover protection Struzpads / pad skids is even larger due to construction!
  • Precisely calculated radii on the edges of the pads provide an optimal sliding effect, which brakes the bike during the sliding phase of a fall calculated without generating too high bending and leverage forces on the bike / mount and thus avoids further damage, but provides enough braking effect to brake the bike efficiently.
  • All GSG crash pad sets are so-called DUO Safety Crash Pads: Additional supplied Damper caps are attached to the pads by means of a press-fit connection and absorb an additional 1300 N (130 kg) of impact weight in the event of a fall/overturn. The highlight: the damper caps are replaceable and can be purchased in our spare parts at low cost!
  • Except for a few models serves a Aluminum flange/adapter (2-part design) or a CNC - milled Aluminum support plate as a receptacle for the plastic pad. This is the only way to ensure a tight fit of pad and motor in the long term.
  • The mounting adapters and carrier plates are made of a special aluminum alloy
  • Calculated predetermined breaking and bending points at the connection points of the pads to the carrier plates or to the base carrier/adapter provide additional safety. Before extreme leverage forces are transmitted to the frame or motor mount, the pads yield after a certain force is applied - consequential damage can thus be virtually ruled out.
  • To ensure the correct fit of the pads, GSG pads are equipped with Pressed in steel bush equipped - exactly at that point where there is a direct connection to the frame or motor. This means that the manufacturers' torque values for fastening can be correctly adhered to - secure fit of the pads and motor guaranteed (Plastic is a ductile material, so without a steel bushing only a maximum of 30 Nm can be realized as a tightening torque and you will probably drive with a loose, vibrating engine. In the event of a fall, an only minimally loosened motor bolt exerts enormous leverage forces on the frame eye and the thread can easily expand or tear out at the corresponding point).!
  • More than 30 years of experience in racing and on the road make our GSG pads the most tested and proven products in the field of crash protection! Many professional racing teams swear by GSG - and many motorcyclists worldwide are also convinced and trust the quality and decades of expertise of GSG.

Scope of delivery:
Included are the plastic pads and all necessary mounting parts. Assembly instructions are included with each model/pad set.
With all round pads 60 mm you also get the special damper caps for additional protection.

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